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The Masterpiece in You

Keynotes on Empowerment
The Masterpiece In You

Discovering, Developing and Delivering Your Talents

This is a keynote performance that brings art, music and the spoken word together to inspire individuals to achieve fulfillment in their personal lives and challenges organizations to implement creativity and innovation to accomplish their vision.

Self-discovery is a journey, and each of us is always on a path of becoming. But sometimes that journey can seem dull and dreary, especially if you don’t know where you’re going and you can’t remember where you’re coming from.

Richard invites the audience closer and tells his own warm, humorous version of the story of self-discovery. His life is testament to the guiding power of gifts and talents, and his presentation combines visual art, music, and the spoken word to show the audience the need to look within for light. For every part of us left to chance, there is another left to choice—and every choice, like another brushstroke, is another step in making The Masterpiece in You.

Richard’s Masterpiece presentation is a palette of timeless lessons and entertaining stories including:

    • The Palette of Choices
    • The Canvas of Imagination
    • The Power of the Focus Point
    • The Shape of Your Character
    • The Perspective of Serving Others
    • Autograph Your Work With Excellence



  • Self Discovery
  • Personal Fulfillment
  • Confidence in Their Ability
  • How To Lead In the Area of Their Gifting
  • To Serve Others Using Their Gifts


Imagine That!

Creative Problem Solving and the Artist’s Perspective

“Richard skillfully stretches people’s perceptions to see new possibilities and experience how their own imagination works.”

Successful people take advantage of emerging opportunities; successful people also seek better solutions for their ongoing challenges. In both cases, creativity is the crucial ingredient. Creativity requires a broader and more imaginative way of thinking, but it’s open to all and it can help anyone, whether they’re a student, a businessperson, or anything in between. And creativity isn’t just for fancy projects—it’s for everyday life!

Whether your audience needs motivation, inspiration, ideas, or solutions, Imagine That! will put the power right back in their hands. There is an artist in each and every one of them that will make them better at what they do, if only they have the will to imagine.


This keynote is designed to reawaken your audience to become a more creative thinkers, so they can:

  • develop and fully develop new answers to problems that once seemed unsolvable
  • become more persuasive in the presentation and marketing of their ideas
  • avoid over used solutions in favor of novel ones that set the stage for even greater success
  • strengthen their leadership abilities and organizational skills, and
  • attain new levels of fulfillment in daily life – personal transformation
  • create strategies for turning change into opportunity

Whether your is in need of inspiration, or to re-evaluate their career with a fresh perspective, solve a complex business problem, introduce a new idea to the marketplace, or figure out the best way to resolve a tense situation, this keynote will present everything needed so that when peers are dodging life’s challenges, you’re uncovering the potentially successful opportunities that were missed by others.

 Applied Imagination

Leading From An Artists Perspective

Everyone has an idea, but not everyone makes their idea come to life. Following through and bringing an idea to fruition is the hardest part—and it’s what separates the leaders from the rest of the pack. The source of ideas, we call Imagination; the drive to make them real, we call Applied Imagination.

This keynote shares the teachings of leaders and peak performers who applied themselves, who stuck to their idea and used it to make a difference in the world. As much as Applied Imagination is a parable of persistence, it is also a lesson in thinking outside of the box, changing the game, and choosing to lead. Your idea is waiting… apply today!

Richard Hight is an international speaker and artist whose work is housed in over fifty museums and universities around the country. He discovered his love of drawing while struggling with dyslexia in school, and has been producing art and engaging audiences ever since.

In his presentations, Richard focuses on helping audiences to re-imagine the possibilities in store for them and to engage their passions and natural talents. His presentations focus on the power of creativity and all of its applications, be they the arts, business, or everyday problems.

His programs combine the spoken word with compelling music and a live, visual demonstration where he creates (in full scale and color) an original piece of art, reflecting both the audience and the major themes of your event. His presentations appeal to all demographics, and he can skillfully adapt his programs to suit your needs.

To call Richard a “typical artist” would be akin to calling Lincoln a “typical politician.” His visual style, depth of understanding, and ability to engage audiences are unparalleled; he brings the “Wow Factor” in full force to every one of his engagements. Through his words and demonstration, he shows audiences that their lives are works of art unto themselves, and therefore set apart in brilliance.

Richard has been named a Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) by the National Speakers’ Association, and has appeared numerous times on CBS, NBC, ABC, and FOX networks to discuss his work and perform demonstrations. Richard has also launched numerous international tours and shared his work with millions of people abroad.

When Richard is not traveling, he resides in Tulsa, Oklahoma. In his spare time, he enjoys attending the theater, fishing, reading, and playing music. He is a dedicated husband to his wife, Marty, and a loving father to his two children, Averie and Coleman. As a family, they have actively supported Averie, who has Down Syndrome, in the Special Olympics.

Picture This!

The Vision of an Artist, the Attitude of a Leader

You’re stuck. You’ve run out of ideas. Every door in your life seems to be locked. But what if, tomorrow morning, it could all be different? What if all it takes is vision—seeing  something new, daring to color outside of the lines?

Richard Hight was once stuck. As an unassuming Oklahoma kid struggling in school, he never seemed destined for anything special, but for one ordinary day that would change everything about what he saw in life.

In Picture This! Richard shares his story with audiences whose hopes and dreams may be just out of reach. He shares insights that will open listeners’ minds and shows them how to redefine leadership and vision in colorful detail. The keynote is accompanied by a live visual demonstration, choreographed to music and customizable to include your program’s central themes and messages.

Picture This! provides the “Wow Factor” in plenty. Event planners call it an exceptional, high-value program, and it leaves audiences standing in amazement.


Teachers in Service

All teachers are not created equal.  It’s a fact of which we are all aware.  Outstanding teaching is an art form.  There are many really good teachers and then there are some truly gifted teachers.  The key to becoming the most outstanding teacher you possibly can be, is to find ways to engage your students on an entirely new level by using creative methods that elevate wonderment and examination.  Comprehending diverse teaching and learning styles is pivotal in turning everyday classroom time into the kind of memorable learning opportunities that last a lifetime and help shape students from that point on.  Richard Hight combines his experience as an award winning artist, art teacher and renowned speaker and storyteller to create Teacher In-Services that makes his audiences yearn to be the type of teachers that create masterpieces in their students on a daily basis.

Click here for some letter of recommendations (pdf)

“Education without values, as useful as it is, seems rather to make man a more clever devil.”
– C.S. Lewis

The Proof Is In The Numbers…
Richard has presented over 625 Public School assemblies and/or In-Services at more than 510 schools.

Pallette of Choice

Learning To Make Choices

The choices you make will determine your immediate future and set you on the path for your life.  Your choices will impact your career and financial security, personal and professional connections, as well as your health.  You are expected to make wise choices – in life and work – however, you are not always taught how to sound choices.   Wouldn’t it be terrific if you learned how to functionally observe and then make choices of value.This keynote will give you the basic structure to better understand the science and fine art of making choices.  A distinction will also be made between a choice and a decision and how they are undeniably connected.  There are three major driving forces in choice are

  • Experience
  • Values
  • Basic Personality

This keynote will teach you how these driving forces are affected by your views AND how to us them to your benefit.

Funding Sources


We know you have a lot of choices in
assembly programs, so why host
Richard Hight of Visual Mpact?

Here are FOUR Reasons…

EXCELLENCE! Doesn’t your student body deserve the very best you can offer them? With over twenty years of educational-performing experience, Richard Hight has equipped thousands of students to be better young people from coast to coast. Your reputation is safe because hundreds of schools have used Richard with outstanding results. Richard’s audiences leave his appearances challenged and motivated to be better young people. Families at his Family Fun Nights leave feeling closer to one another because of Richard’s special encouraging motivational messages. Richard firmly believes that “The Family That Laughs Together, Stays Together!”

EXCEPTIONAL!One performer + Two entertaining talents = Double the Fun for Everyone! award-winning artist and outstanding communicator, Richard Hight’s presentations employ both art forms, to entertain and clearly teach his character-building messages. Kids, from 4 to 104, love to laugh-while-they-learn, and with Richard Hight, they do both. Whichever art form your audience enjoys, you can’t go wrong, because Richard brings both to your school event. Why schedule two performers, when Richard can do both?

EXPERIENCE!You’ll Be A Hero! You can be confident Richard’s appearance at your school will be a success for all involved! No other motivational speaker/entertainer has the twenty plus years of track record Richard Hight brings with him. Richard has educated in every major American city, in all 50 states, overseas, on national television, at Silver Dollar City, and at countless national conventions, including several state-wide PTA conventions.

EXPERTISE!“He knows of what he speaks!” Richard’s expertise as a family educator-entertainer has been endorsed by performing professionals worldwide!  Richard has been the keynote speaker at many professional performing and educational conferences around the country. His years of expertise in his field are evident in every one of Richards’s entertaining and educational presentations.


Therefore, you can rest assured that you are getting one of America’s best school-show professionals when you host Richard Hight’s Art of Inspiration School Assembly Presentations THAT GET RESULTS! 

Ways to Raise Funds for Richard’s School Assemblies

Share Richard with other schools in the area – By booking several assemblies over the span of a day or even days, Richard is able to substantially drop his fees for your school and the other schools(s) booking him.  Everyone wins this way.

Use Richard to Promote Themes – Black History Month, MLK Week, Women’s History Month, Career Day, Catholic Schools Week, red Ribbon Week.  Federal grant monies could be available depending on your theme. Check with your school district to see who dispenses funds for your state.  You might also try contacting the federal government office.  Request applications.

Contact the PTA/PTO/PTSA and others – If you are planning an event that supports their statement or objectives (promote education, safe and drug free communities, etc) they are more likely to contribute.

Apply for grants monies – Contact your State Department of Education and the State Department of Human Services.  They can help guide you to the right office.  You might also try your county offices to see if they are already in possession of grant monies for programs promoting youth mentoring, sobriety from drug & alcohol abuse and many others.

See if school administration has funding – Check out funds set aside for teacher in-service, Title VI funding, staff development, etc.

Contact local businesses and organizations – Especially businesses that are related to children, teens and families.  Contact the CEO or owner or even try the community services department to see if they are willing to help sponsor the event.    In return, offer to list them as a sponsor on all promotional materials and radio or TV ads.

Ask clubs on campus and off campus to help fund the event – Invite group participation by campus clubs and organizations in funding the event or reach out to the Optimist, Rotary, Lions, Kiwanis, and Elks Club.  Another possibility is the Chamber of Commerce.

Educational Gallery

Charity Event Entertainment

Charity Event Entertainment

Looking to add monetary value to your charity event while giving your guests a memorable experience? — If yes, Performance Artist Richard Hight will take your event to the next level!

Benefits and Options:

– Entertainment that your guests will love…….guaranteed!

– Inspire and excite your crowd right before the live auction.

– Short performance is easy to add to any timeline.

– Unique live auction items.

Richard performs at numerous charity galas/events each year and thousands of dollars are raised at each event from the paintings created during the live performance.

When you book Richard for your charity event, you are not only getting unique live auction items, you are also giving your guests a memorable experience. The length of the performance can vary to ensure that it will blend seamlessly into your event.

Each painting can take only minutes (or as long as you’d like it to take) to perform and the whole experience is set to music. The performance is also a great way to kick off a live auction and create excitement and energy to help increase bidding on all your items. Tim has worked with some of the largest charities in the country.

Richard would love to hear about your event. Click here to contact Richard about your event. We will get back to you right away to discuss the details.