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Visualmpact: Inspiring through and Motivation

Richard Hight is one of America’s most exciting, award-winning keynote artists. Richard discovered a very important philosophy of life many years ago: every one of us is creative in our own beautiful way. From that philosophy and singular point of focus, Visualmpact was born.
What makes each customized Visualmpact motivational keynote speech so memorable, is how Richard Hight inspires his audiences to unlock their creativity. Whether he is addressing Fortune 500 corporations, smaller companies or nonprofits, Richard’s presentations never fail to be unique and inspirational. He reaches his audiences like no other keynote speaker.
Richard is a visual artist who motivates through words at the same time he is creating larger-than-life, full-color, one of a kind works of art. In addition, he also uses music to bring forth emotions and to reinforce his compelling messages. Visualmpact’s multi-media, creative approach can literally transform an audience.
In fact, it has been shown that when Richard presents to a group, the messaging retention rate is longer lasting and cuts across all audiences regardless of their profession, age, race, religious belief or organizational mission.
What “Creativity” Means
Visualmpact presentations emphasize that “Creativity” doesn’t mean writing a 600 page novel or designing your vacation dream cottage! Creativity can transform and inspire a difficult work task into a breakthrough solution; creativity can take a humdrum industry meeting and turn it into a memorable event; creativity can elevate a group of separate individuals and mold them into a motivated team.
In making his highly customized keynote presentations, Richard often asks his audiences what it would take for each one of them to turn their lives into artistic masterpieces. They might initially look around and shrug at one another, as if turning their jobs into something creative and memorable out of it is far beyond their reach.
Visualmpact presentations soon turn audiences into creative believers. Visualmpact helps each employee or member understand that it is precisely their hidden talents that are essential to the life of their organizations. When we each understand our unique importance to our organizations, magic can happen.
Who is Richard Hight?
Richard Hight is a creative dynamo! In addition to being a motivational speaker, he is a recognized artist and sculptor, as well as a writer. He has most recently written the book, Chasing Light: Turning Possibilities Into Masterpieces. The book explores Richard’s fascinating philosophy and creative passion.
In a Visualmpact presentation, as Richard speaks, he also begins to create incredible art. He produces pieces of art in real-time, in front of his audience, while using the creative impact from the audience. Meeting attendees frequently say: “There are events you attend but this is one you experience!”
Visualmpact assists attendees in seeing that they are not cogs in a wheel or replaceable puzzle parts, but brilliantly special individuals. Creativity gives each one of them a unique place in the world. Whether they are school administrators, factory foremen, emergency room nurses or accountants, Richard Hight’s motivational messages make each person in the audience feel special.
Richard Hight is Certified Speaking Professional (CSP); it a recognition awarded through the prestigious National Speakers Association. Only 12 percent of the more than 5,000 professional speakers worldwide currently hold this respected professional designation.
Residing in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Richard travels the world and shares his messages with millions of people. He has appeared on CBS, NBC, ABC, and FOX networks. His artwork has been placed in museums and in more than 50 universities around the country. In his spare time, he enjoys spending time with his family, fishing, the theater, reading, and music.
Richard is a dedicated husband to his wife, Marty, and a loving father to his two children, Averie and Coleman. As a family, they have actively supported Averie, who has Down Syndrome, in Special Olympics.
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